Knowing the basics is not enough for you — you’re serious about making your ideas move like lightning and you want to soak in all the knowledge you can get. Perfect! The workshops were created just for you. At the Lines Workshops you’ll be able to get your hands dirty, go a little deeper, and get answers to your questions floating around in your head.


S. No. Title Organizers Keywords
1 Workshop on Cognitive and Interactive Robotics Brojeshwar Bhowmick (India) Robot Companions and Social Robots; Virtual and Augmented Tele-presence Environments; Cognitive and Sensorimotor Development
2 Trust, Acceptance and Social Cues in Robot Interaction – SCRITA Alessandra Rossi*, Patrick Holthaus, Sílvia Moros, Scheunemann Marcus, Giulia Perugia (United Kingdom) Robot Companions and Social Robots; Applications of Social Robots; Assistive Robotics 
3 Blockchain Technologies for Robotic Systems Onder GURCAN*, Fabio Paolo Bonsignorio (France) Cooperation and Collaboration in Human-Robot Teams; Computational Architectures; Social Intelligence for Robots 
4 Open Source Tools for Robotics Applications  Gaurav Gupta*, Zubin Priyansh (India)  Robots in Education, Therapy and Rehabilitation 
5 Using HRI (Human-Robot Interaction) Technologies to Solve the Current Social Challenges in India and Asian Countries  Ker-Jiun Wang*, Mohammad Shidujaman, Caroline Yan ZHENG, Prakash Thakur (USA) Innovative Robot Designs; User-centered Design of Robots; Novel Interfaces and Interaction Modalities 
6 Robot-Human Financial Transactions and Enforceable Agreements Irvin Steve Cardenas*, Jong-Hoon Kim (USA)  Creating Human-Robot Relationships; Philosophical Issues in Human-Robot Coexistence; Evaluation Methods and New Methodologies 
7 Social robots and artificial agents for developing countries: Challenges and opportunities  Amol Deshmukh*, Laxmidhar Behera, Akshay Nagarajan, Amit Kumar Pandey (United Kingdom) Applications of Social Robots; Assistive Robotics; User-centered Design of Robots 
8 Challenges of Human-Robot Interaction in Extreme and Hazardous Environments  ayan ghosh*, Robert Mark Skilton, Emily Charlotte Collins (United Kingdom)  Creating Human-Robot Relationships; User-centered Design of Robots; Virtual and Augmented Tele-presence Environments 
9 TransLearn: Robot Skill Transfer from Simulation to Real World Deployment in Manufacturing Industries and Warehouses  Pascal Meißner*, Manuel Kaspar, Jonas Kiemel, Kumar Swagat, Rajesh Sinha, Laxmidhar Behera (Germany) Machine Learning and Adaptation; Programming by Demonstration; Motion Planning and Navigation in Human-Centered Environments
10 Internet of intelligent robotic things for healthy living and active ageing: where we are and future trends  Filippo Cavallo*, Laura Fiorini, Alessandro Di Nuovo, Yasuo Okabe, N. Alberto Borghese (Italy) Assistive Robotics; Robot Companions and Social Robots; Social Intelligence for Robots
11 Robots for Learning : R4L – Building Interaction for Classroom Robots  Wafa JOHAL*, Mohamed Chetouani, Pierre Dillenbourg, Tony Belpaeme (Switzerland)  Robots in Education, Therapy and Rehabilitation; Machine Learning and Adaptation; Cooperation and Collaboration in Human-Robot Teams 
12 Social Human-Robot Interaction of Human-care Service Robots Ho Seok Ahn*, Jongsuk Choi, Hyungpil Moon, Minsu Jang, Sonya Sona Kwak, Yoonseob Lim (New Zealand)  Social Intelligence for Robots; Assistive Robotics; Cognitive Skills and Mental Models 
13 Merging Artistic and Research Practices Toward More Expressive Robotic Systems  Amy LaViers*, Catie Cuan (USA)  Art pieces supported by robotics; Robots in art and entertainment; Creating Human-Robot Relationships 

Instructions: Authors should contact the respective organizers for any queries related to the paper submission , deadlines, format etc.

For any further queries please contact the following workshop chairs