Late Breaking Results Interactive Session

RO-MAN 2019 brings back the Late Breaking Results (LBR) as the interactive sessions. The venue aims to ​provides a great opportunity ​the researchers an opportunity to present recent results and work-in-progress, be part of the conference, get visibility and still retain the copyrights of the work.

The submissions will go through the needed review process to ensure the quality of submissions. ​Prospective authors should submit their papers as per the specified format mentioned below.

Accepted papers will be included in the USB of Ro-Man 2019 proceedings, as well as made available online through Ro-Man 2019 website, allowing the community to read, and refer the LBR papers. To have the authors retain the copyright of their paper and to allow submitting the work as an improved full paper in other venues, ​accepted papers will not be included in the IEEE proceedings of the conference, and they ​will not ​be submitted to IEEE for inclusion in the Xplore database. See the FAQ below for more information.

There will be “​Best LBR paper” ​awards ​to recognize and reward interesting early stage results and work directions.

The authors of selected number of promising LBR papers will be invited to submit the significantly improved and complete paper in the RSJ International Journal of Advanced Robotics, as the special issue on RO-MAN 2019 conference.


All deadlines are 23:59 PST

May 22, 2019Submission Opens
July 5, 2019
July 15, 2019
Submission Deadline for LBR
July 25, 2019
July 30, 2019
Aug 04, 2019
Acceptance Notification
July 30, 2019
Aug 07, 2019
Aug 11, 2019
Final LBR submission will be included in Ro-Man 2019 proceedings flash drive, as well as will be made available on-line on Ro-MAN website.


The papers must be submitted using the standard RO-MAN template with a limit of minimum 2 pages and maximum 4 pages including references. The PDF files must be submitted through the​ ​papercept​ ​portal.

Language: English

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. ​What’s the Late Breaking Results (LBR) interactive session about?
    A. This session is to allow interesting work in progress to be visible to the community through RO-MAN 2019, and get the feedback and visibility.

  • Q. ​Who holds the copyright for LBR papers?
    A. Since LBR contains an early work, authors will prefer to further develop these into a full paper at a later stage and hence, would like to retain the copyright of these papers. Since these papers will not be included into IEEE proceedings, the authors will be able to retain the copyright of LBR papers. ​However, to maximize the visibility of their work, ​the submissions will be included in the USB of Ro-Man 2019 Proceedings, as a separate folder, as well as on Ro-Man 2019 website, allowing the community to read, and refer the LBR papers.

  • Q. ​How rigorous will be the review process for LBR Papers?
    A. The review process will be lighter compared to the regular papers. The review process will ensure that a certain level of quality is maintained in the papers accepted for inclusion.

  • Q. ​What will be the mode of presentation for these papers – Oral / Posters?
    A. Accepted papers will be made available to audience through an interactive session that will allow more time and space for deeper interaction with researchers. This will be more fruitful compared to a time-bound oral presentation. Exact format for presenting your final work will be notified to you at appropriate time prior to the event.

  • Please contact the following LBR chairs for more information:
    Dr. Huan Tan. Email​: ​
    Dr. Prem Kumar P. Email: ​