New Delhi, India

The capital city of Republic of India and one of the fastest growing cities in the world. Delhi is a blend of tradition and modernity, where ancient monuments co-exist with ultramodern high rise buildings and commercial plazas. Spread over an area of about 1485 at an altitude of 216 m above mean sea level and with a population of 10.1 million, Delhi is the third largest city. Main languages spoken are Hindi, English and Punjabi.

The commercial and business hub of India, Delhi has been witness to a tumultuous history of uprising and falling of many empires. This metropolitan city comprises of seven cities that were built by different emperors from time to time. It is perhaps the only city in the world that presents so many contrasts at once – there is the old-age charm and ruins of Old Delhi and there are strong and mighty giant buildings of New Delhi.

Delhi has a rich architectural heritage- from 12th Century Qutub Minar of the Slave Dynasty, through the Red Fort of Mughals, leaving the visitors with memorable experience. The city consists of two parts-Old Delhi and New Delhi. In Old Delhi you will find mosques, monuments and New Delhi has been made the Capital of India. Delhi provides the best facilities for holding Conferences, Seminars and Conventions- and to support this, a wide range of hotel accommodation is available. From budget guest houses to luxury 5- star deluxe rooms, there is everything for every delegate.

Delhi is also an excellent base for visiting Agra to see the Taj Mahal, and Jaipur, and to experience the colors of Rajasthan, which are less than five hours way.