Visualization: From digital reality to humanoid intelligence
Xarpie Labs is one of India’s fastest emerging digital reality companies specializing in visualization, simulation and creation of multisensory 3D experiences. Recognised by NASSCOM #natc2019 among leaders in emerging tech, Xarpie Labs has been working with technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and immersive web experiences. It has successfully proved the validity of immersive visualizations in various industries.

Resting on the premise that Visualization is not just limited to sight, Xarpie Labs extends immersive perception to include interactive elements in its solutions. This has grown into the team’s capability to build simulations especially for sectors like retail, healthcare, sport, defence, etc.

Xarpie Labs has intrinsically helped businesses solve impediments through immaculate execution. Xarpie Labs’ team identifies and adapts quickly to highly specific requirements, creating customized solutions unique to each business case. Xarpie Labs is already on a journey to become one of India’s top most digital reality companies.

The company’s visualization and simulation capabilities have been a natural predecessor to enabling subtler, complex perception and interpretation. This is steering the company towards enlivening human and robot interactions. Xarpie Labs’ future offerings will enable empowerment of humanoid robots with the ability to perceive, process, learn and communicate much like humans do.

The company will build technologies that could entail reviewing the perception that robotic intelligence might be non-contextual and ‘artificial’.

Value education and healthcare with the aid of humanoid robots may only be the tip of the iceberg. The possibilities of Xarpie Labs’ contribution in the impending field of robotics are endless.

Xarpie Labs is proud to redefine visualization through the kaleidoscope of perception: from digital reality all the way through to humanoid intelligence. We call it “real” as opposed to “artificial”.

Talent Acquisition Partnership
In a commitment to emerge as market leaders of robotics in South Asia, Xarpie Labs is in the process of building an R&D Centre with cutting-edge robotics and product-platform development capabilities. With strategic collaborations secured, the company is ready to take its next big pivot.

At the cusp of design, engineering and tech, we open opportunities for promising talent to join the vision of Xarpie Labs.